Online portals

The digital age brings us changes in administrative processesing. Many processes will be way easier and more efficient by webapplications and software solutions. This automation ensures that you will get a quicker and better view on a huge amount of financial information about your company.

NeD Tax offers your company IT-solutions in the form of online portals, to satisfy your needs of digitalization in the field of financial accountancy and payrolling. We simplify the administrative process for you, so that you can focus on important matters: operating as entrepeneur!

The big advantages of our online portals:

  • Your information is always immediately available;
  • Your information will be saved in the cloud, a secured surrounding, which will be hosted with updates und daily ‘Back-Ups’;
  • You as customer and NeD Tax as your consultant work efficient together

 Over the following weblinks you can log into our online portals:

iMUIS Online

NeD Tax offers a digital solution for your financial accounting with ‘iMUIS Online’ (MUIS Software). The financial accounting and the accountancy of your company can be processed online in the portal of iMUIS Online. This saves you time, costs and energy. Next to that NeD Tax as your consultant has always access to your financial accounting and to the online portal. This is the optimal base for an efficient workflow between you and NeDTax.

Overview of important advantages of iMUIS Online:

  • Stay up to date: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week you have acces to actual management data of your company;
  • Be flexible: sudden changes can be adapted immediately in your financial accountancy 
  • Save documents: scan and upload invoices for storage and further processing over the online portal;
  • Keep the overview: connect your online accountancy with your payroll and bankingsoftware;
  • Keep the costs low: depending on selected option you can get a subscription from € 17.50 excl. VAT a month.

Based on your needs and ideas the online portal of iMUIS Online can be expanded with further extensions or software, based on your standards, to start the financial accountancy of your company.

iMUIS Online is available in Dutch and English.

NeD Tax Payroll Online

‘NeD Tax Payroll Online’ is the online portal for payrolling, guided by NeD Tax. NeD Tax Payroll Online provides access to employee and management information, based on your needs. The information is always available, user friendly, clearly, advanced and up to date. For our international customers NeD Tax Payroll Online is available in the languages German, English and Dutch.

The standard features that NeD Tax Payroll Online offers are:

  • access to employee information and management information in user friendly dashboards;
  • automatic reminder e.g. expiration of labor contracts, birthdays, anniversaries etc.;
  • overviews can be created, stored and exported into EXCEL or PDF;
  • reminder on time for open wage tax payments including payment reference;
  • simple digital sending of payrolls to your employees;
  • all documents in one digital employee dossier (incl. notification via e-mail).

Besides these features your employees get an individual access to NeD Tax Payroll Online. Here they can see their salary statements as well as saving or printing them.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us by filling out the contact form. One of our English speaking consultants will contact you at short notice.