Double Taxation Agreement Netherlands-Germany

NeD Tax is your trustworthy partner for fiscal, legal and financial matters. We are a firm of tax and legal consultants and accountants who are experienced in Dutch and cross-border affairs.

NeD Tax provides services adapted to your needs such as tax and legal advisory, company formation, tax compliance, accounting and financial reporting and payroll administration.

Regardless of your company size, we can help you achieve your goals in business with powerful solutions.

Tax and legal advisory
NeD Tax is your ideal partner for tax (planning) and legal matters in business. We advise our clients on Dutch tax (deduction) facilities, corporate (holding) structures for tax purposes, permanent establishments, the Dutch 30% facility for expats, double taxation, international secondment, employment contracts, company liquidation and more. Additionally we offer other legal advisory services like writing contracts, requesting permits, etc. Moreover we frequently answer questions from employers or employees about Dutch and European social security law.

Tax compliance
For a broad (foreign) clientele we already take care of tax returns and refunds of direct taxes (corporate tax, income tax, wage tax etc.) and indirect taxes (VAT), as well as compiling the fiscal annual accounts. You can also consult us about other matters like transfer pricing.