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Corporate finance & business development The Netherlands-Germany

Focus on business culture

In all our activities we pay special attention to German cultural, linguistic and interpretation differences. That is why our native Dutch and native German professionals work alongside each other in one team. Our years of cross-border fiscal, legal, and finance experience and experience with business culture in The Netherlands and Germany arrives at your doorstep in every service we provide. We can assist you in the following areas.

Cross-border mergers Netherlands – Germany

Restructuring your business’ legal framework is sometimes necessary in situations of selling the business, evaluation of activities and financial or fiscal optimization. We guide you through the process of any type of merger between Dutch and German GmbHs, BVs and any other type of entity. We know all the risks involved and also the possibilities to facilitate this in a tax neutral way.

Acquisitions of German (family owned) businesses

Germany, like the Netherlands, has many family owned businesses that have no successor. The younger generation is aware of the risks and finds a different path. This results in the situation that more and more German family owned businesses are being put up for sale. This poses opportunities for Dutch businesses to obtain a share in a German business. The size these (family owned) businesses have should not be underestimated, even though in many cases the business has not yet been incorporated. This can lead to complex practices in acquisition since an asset deal is necessary in such cases. It is not a straightforward case of transfer of shares via a German notary, but there has to be a very accurate description of the assets and liabilities that are transferred in the acquisition. German businesses often have legal forms that require special attention from a Dutch legal perspective. An example is the GmbH & co. KG which is transparent for tax purposes. NeD Tax provides guidance and advisory services in the acquisition process.

Solving issues of finance Netherlands – Germany

We actively search for financial solutions for Dutch parent companies and Dutch investors in German businesses. Think of alternative sources of financing, such as co-financing, family capital, Dutch-German crowd funding, share capital, convertible bonds, factoring et cetera. We assist financiers in investing responsibly across the border.

Cross-border strategy management

Some of the biggest Dutch companies have underestimated the size of the German economy and the whims of the German consumer. The first step for becoming successful is asking the question what is the right strategy to entry on the German market for the Dutch parent company. How do I become successful on the German market, one step at a time? Do I start with a German agent or do I start employing German sales representatives straight away? Should I perhaps employ a strategy of forming alliances or should I do a German acquisition? Thinking about your strategy before employing it is crucial to your success on the German market. Another question that always needs answering is if the parent company is ready for an expansion to Germany. It is often underestimated that it takes determination and years of investment in human capital to building trust. This process asks a lot of time and capital from everyone within the parent company and new business abroad. We are happy to share all of our experience in such strategy choices.

Support of Dutch court appointed receivers (“curatoren”) in Germany

A lot of Dutch bankruptcies are unnecessary. More often than not, not being able to manage what is going on is the cause of the bankruptcy. A vast network of foreign companies may cloud your ability to see what the actual key factors for success are and what the true value of the business is. When that happens it is hard for the entrepreneur to see the business’ viability, let alone for all stakeholders such as banks and investors. Keep your business group structure lean and meaningful. When it is too late, the court appointed receivers show up to dismantle the business and sell off all its assets.

NeD Tax offers support to Dutch court appointed receivers in selling valuable assets in Germany. We prepare the pre-pack of the German business entity. With assistance from the Dutch parent company and the court appointed receiver a viable part of the business in Germany can be prepared for sale in Germany. In many cases there is an interest with shareholders in the parent company and/or the directors to acquire the viable part of the business, which helps in dealing with the bankruptcy.

Other ways in which NeD Tax assists Dutch court appointed receivers with bankruptcies in Germany are: providing the numbers on the business’ situation, clarifying tax consequences and obligations, communicating with the German tax authority (Finanzamt), reimbursement of German VAT, explanations on German company law, insolvency law, employment law and liability, so it can be applicable for Dutch court appointed receivers.


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Corporate finance & business development The Netherlands-Germany